Before you qualify: Essential First Steps before your run for Public Office

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In this three day challenge, we will review key first steps you will want to take before you draft an announcement speech, knock your first door or pay your qualifying fee.

Before you qualify: Essential First Steps before your run for Public Office

In this weekend long program, we will touch on, . . .

  • getting our house in order, so your campaign is not later distracted by missing conversations
  • debunking the marginalizing myths, so the naysayers are not in your head when the mic is in your hand
  • essential conversations you must have prior to going public, so you can preserve your job and family while winning public office
  • understanding the mechanics of a campaign, so you get the big picture and know what you can and must delegate
  • budgeting resources sufficient to victory, so you can focus on counting enough noses to win
  • assembling a campaign team up to the task, so you can be the candidate instead of wearing every other hat in the campaign
  • enrolling the policy advisors relevant to the office you seek, so you can remain informed of the issues that matter to your voters
  • assembling the public data relevant to your campaign, so your strategy and fundraising efforts are informed by the task before you,
  • and more, . . .

Organizing is not rocket science, but a learned skill.  I cannot impart to you in a single weekend the lessons learned over thirty years of practicing the craft.  Neither can I guarantee that everyone who participates in this program will win.  Electoral victory requires stratetgy, skills, a dedicated campaign team, an informed, effective and personable candidate, a successful fund raising effort, a rapport with the voters, the follow-through to cultivate relationships and deliver the vote and more.  And even when a candidate and their team conduct a flawless campaign, they still must compete for voter support with political opponents who may be better funded, better organized, have the ability to leverage incumbency and their deeper roots in the community. 

What this challenge can guarantee to the registrant who participates diligently and completes the exercises is an overview sufficient to make an informed decision on whether you are ready to take on the challenge of running for public office; plus a roadmap of the key tasks every successful candidate must complete before they draft an announcement press release or sign a check for their qualifying fee. 

Take advantage of our introductory price available to the first applicants ready to help us beta test this new program.  Register now for this introductory challenge.